Halloween 2019

Halloween – or Samhain, is halfway from the equinox to the winter solstice – only 6 weeks til Christmas!

We do like celebrating festivals and love any excuse for special food.  On Halloween evening, we like some pumpkin soup made from the excess pumpkins we carved. We make the rest of the pumpkin into soup the next day too. The remnants go on the compost for the wildlife.

We bung an onion, spices to taste (we like this one creamy rather than spicy personally), any odd veg – this year there was a mushroom, a stick of celery, some turnip and a butternut squash I was given.  We make our own stock (onion ends, broccoli stalks, spirulina, old cabbage leaves etc) and a tin of coconut milk. Cook it up and wizz it in the blender (we use a nutribullet – no bits!) for a smooth soup to offset the sweets and sugary stuff that is all around! We researched hardy blenders and this one will even do nuts. Great for smoothies and soups!

Published by Bean

I love to cook from scratch, make things for myself and educate my youngest at home, all on a tight budget.

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